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Experiment Experiment one-liner What will we try to ship Why is this cool? Owner
Prompt → handler → link Anonymous users can ask a prompt for something, and they get a link to a handler that apparently does that. Does it do what they expect? Who knows? A simple web page with a handler we can learn what prompts people give it, and we can inspect the output and see if it improves Paul
Web CLI-based Handler editor Iterate on a single handler (i.e. REPL) via a simple webpage with: prompt, submit button, current code, updated code, output, save button Stachu
Darklang ChatGPT plugin A ChatGPT plugins where people can generate code as part of their chatgpt thing a plugin to the ChatGPT marketplace no idea, this feels random Paul
Build ChatGPT plugins using Darklang
Learn to code a teaching tool for code, where we generate the code with AI (including explanation, maybe a set of prompts that ELI5, ELI9, etc), then let them step through each step, showing live values, trace output, etc a page aimed at baby developers, or maybe one for people learning darklang
Command line dark #!/usr/bin/env darklang Infer code from spec plus pull from package manager
write OpenAI package via prompts minimal support for packages via CanvasHack; OpenAI package Gets us to a point where we can use prompts to churn out packages Stachu
Untitled (https://darklang.notion.site/e3bc3fdac940415dbe73a753792ec2bf)
Write Dark editor base in Dark (https://darklang.notion.site/Write-Dark-editor-base-in-Dark-115506e326dd4c978d9f13c281d83b24) Gets us a working editor, and allows users to ‘create their own editor’ for more flexible experimentation Stachu
“Test module” toplevel / client / runner Stachu
Untitled (https://darklang.notion.site/6df2023945a1483b974891189d23a9d0)
Voice Commands → Edit Dark code Stachu
Write AI-heavy “blog helper” product in Dark Minimal UI that iteratively prompts the user to talk/type about a topic, leading them down the path of structuring a blog post basically a chtatgpt + whisper wrapper, actually. - gets us to interact with Whisper

Write Dark editor base in Dark

Darklang cli

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